Eat your own tail to win!

Move around with WASD.

Enter to select a level.

Q to return to level select.

Z to undo, R to restart

Source code is available here:

PlatformsWindows, macOS, Linux, HTML5
Rated 5.0 out of 5 stars
Tags2D, bevy, My First Game Jam, Puzzle-Platformer, Sprites


taileater.dmg 7 MB
Version 14 Sep 01, 2021
Download 8 MB
Version 14 Sep 01, 2021
taileater.exe 17 MB
Version 14 Sep 01, 2021


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Exelent game!
Holding for direction would be better in my opinion but it is cool anyways!
Somehow I don’t miss the sound and sound effects.

Great game, good work!!!

P.S. I love 'Z' button! 👌


It reminds me of Snakebird, but you eat your own tail. I like it.


Really cool game.


I really enjoyed it! There's something really satisfying to slithering around all the levels. 


super fun and creative! i love the graphic of the snake falling


Really liked this, well done. It could do with a bit of polish, maybe animate the snakes mouth when it eats an apple and add a few sound effects .

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The arrow keys work in the actual game, but only wasd works on the level select screen. Also, you should make it go to the next level automatically when you win. And make it so you can hold a direction to keep moving that way.


Fun game but it would be neat if it kept score when you pick up apples and auto switched you to the next level. There isn't much of a reward feeling.


Thanks for the feedback! FYI, the goal isn't to eat apples, but to eat your own tail.